Host In Vaughan Grant

About the Fund

The Host in Vaughan Grant, established in 2024, aims to enhance tourism across Vaughan by encouraging visitation and participation at local events. It also encourages strong partnerships between stakeholders in the Vaughan tourism sector. This program aims to grow existing events and projects in Vaughan and attract new activations to the city. 

Fund Objective

Consideration will be given to projects that meet the following objectives: 

  • Delivery of events, product packages and thematic campaigns that support tourism in Vaughan
  • Demonstrated traction for the project to draw participants and visitors into Vaughan from greater than 40 kilometres away
  • Events, activities and programs must take place in the city of Vaughan
  • Proposed events and activations encourage residents to participate in their community and generate a sense of pride of place in the city of Vaughan
  • The project promotes inclusivity, cross-cultural collaboration and participation of a diversity of groups and organizations in the city of Vaughan

Fund Term

Funds for each project will be allocated for a term, from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. There is no funding available for multi-year projects. Projects must be delivered within the allotted timeframe.   

An organization may only qualify to receive funding for one project during each funding term. 

Available Funding

Available funding per project, for the funding term, as well as the total funding envelope are outlined in the table below (note: all references to funding amounts are in Canadian Dollars):


Available funding per project/applicant 

Total funding envelope

Sports Events (sanctioned) 

Up to $15,000 or up to $25,000 for International 


Business Conferences 

Up to $5,000 or up to $10,000 for National/International 


Tourism Partnerships 

Up to $10,000 


Major Festivals and Events* 

Up to $10,000 


Community Activations 

Up to $5,000 


* 20 per cent of the total funding envelope in this category will be reserved for new-to-Vaughan events that were not hosted in Vaughan in the prior year

Funding requests will be considered and allocated based on evaluation from the Fund Review Committee.  The number of organizations selected will be determined by the strength of the applicant pool and the availability of funding. Applicants should be able to demonstrate their experience and capacity to run the type of event or activation being proposed through examples of prior projects. Funding must be used to complement and leverage other resources (cash and in-kind support such as donations and volunteers) to support the project.

The total Funding Envelope per category may change from yearly, depending on available budget and evolving strategic tourism priorities. All funding is subject to availability in Tourism Vaughan’s budget, as Tourism Vaughan determines in its sole discretion.

Eligibility and Application Form

Full eligibility and category descriptions are attached Here.  

The current round of application intake closed on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. 

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Information Sessions

You’re invited to attend an upcoming information session to learn more: 

Date: Wednesday, April 17

Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Online via Zoom


Date: Tuesday, April 30

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Location: Online via Zoom


If Approved for Funding

Tourism Vaughan will promote the project, as applicable, on its channels, which may include social media, website, online events calendar or other channels. 

 Role of the Fund Recipient 

Successful funding recipients must submit a final report and evaluation of their project within one month of the end of the event/initiative. Evaluations will determine whether funding recipients have: 

  • adhered to the project plans submitted during the application phase; and
  • made progress towards or achieved the Host in Vaughan Grant goals and objectives

Funding recipients. They will be provided with standardized reporting requirements and  required to enter into a written agreement in form and content satisfactory to the City of Vaughan in its sole discretion as a condition of funding.; The City of Vaughan will cancel the funding approval and will only advance funds to recipients who accept to enter into such an agreement. Funding recipients will also be asked to provide photos or video documentation of their project activities. 

 Acknowledgement of Funding 

Funding recipients must acknowledge the financial assistance provided by Tourism Vaughan in program materials and signage, including any promotional materials used in project activities. The City of Vaughan and Tourism Vaughan will need a minimum of 2 (two) business days to approve the use of its marks on marketing and promotional materials. This requirement will be discussed in greater detail after a funding decision is made and incorporated into the previously-mentioned agreement. 

In addition, for event-based projects, organizations will be asked to specify how Vaughan elected officials, Mayor and members of Council will be invited to an opportunity to speak if there are welcome remarks, including approval requirement on where in the agenda that occurs, in adherence with the events protocol of the City of Vaughan. 

Funding Disbursement 

The project venue/location must be confirmed by the venue/property management to qualify for the release of funding. In addition, approval of a special events permit (if applicable) must be confirmed by the City’s By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services (BCLPS) department to qualify for the release of funding. Tourism Vaughan and the City of Vaughan have the right to attend the event site or pre-event site visit if required by BCLPS or any other City of Vaughan department without prior notice. 

An initial disbursement of 75 per cent of the approved funding amount will be released to the recipient no earlier than 45 days prior to the start of the project and only once the recipient has met the following criteria:

  • successful execution of the grant funding agreement
  • confirmation of venue/location
  • confirmation of permit requirements
  • demonstrated proof of insurance satisfactory to the City of Vaughan

The remaining 25 per cent will be held back and will only be released upon receipt and successful acceptance of the final report. 

If a proposed project does not or cannot proceed as planned, the entire amount of approved funding will be cancelled, and any portion of funding already disbursed will immediately need to be repaid in full. 

Program Timeline and Deadlines

For those interested in applying for the grant, application intake will open on Monday, April 15, 2024. The upcoming application period ends on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.



Application intake opens Monday, April 15, 2024
Application period closes Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Tourism Vaughan Advisory Committee (TVAC) review application submissions Thursday, May 16 to Friday, May 31, 2024
Presentation of funding recommendations for approval by Vaughan City Council At Committee of the Whole meeting (CW2), Tuesday, June 18, 2024



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